Pool Leak

UPDATE 9/16/2016: Leak detection company is puzzled on where this leak is coming from, they are working with Oasis Pool to find the source.

UPDATE 8/2/2016: The auto fill does not seem to be cuasing the leak, and we have brought in a leak detection company to pressure test the lines. The auto fill is still shut off, and our neighbor to the pool has agreed to allow us to tap into their water source to fill the pool. The association will reimburse for this water expense.

UPDATE 7/15/2016: The pool company has dug up the area to see where the pool is leaking. At this time it looks like the auto fill, they will shut off and monitor.

Our landscaper advised that we had a continued wet area at the side of the pool annex near the detention pond. They had dug up the area and it is not from irrigation.