Flooding in the community

Update 9/16/2016 : We have meet with a few contractors to see if they can get back in the creek and clear out the debris. See the attached map of the area we have circled in red the area cuasing the bockage. We will update with that status.

Update 8/12/2016 :  We meet with Mr McElroy from the Plublic Works dept at the city to see what they city can do to help. See the attached map of the drainage that Mr McElroy provided. After his meetings with the city they will not help to clear the creek so that it drains properly.

Update 7/8/2016: we have meet with a few concrete contractors looking at installing a retainage wall to keep the over flow of the creek from invading the community.

That was some rain and tornado that came through our area. Please advise if you had any flooding in your home. While we had the fence taken down in December yeaterdays rain was historic. We have reached out to the city requesting help to clear the creek that runs behind and around our community to clean out the over growth.

Heritage Drainage Marked 9-14-16.PNG1.57 MB